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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

But guys know when you do it they re like you re

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Unformatted text preview: rop it off? ’ I don ’t use the calling that much. Texting is used in situations when it is discourteous, or even prohibited, to talk on the cell phone. For example, when teens are at the movies, in a public setting — or indeed during the focus groups held for this project — it can be socially awkward to conduct a voice call. In some cases texting can be a type of advanced note -passing to people who are close by or in the same room. The fact that texts mask the conversation means that they can serve as a "back channel" for interaction. When asked if she ever texted to people who were sitting nearby, a middle school girl said: l I only do that when it ’s like, you ’re on a double date or something, and you ’re like, ‘Oh how ’s it going with your guy? ’, And they ’re like, ‘Oh I need to get out of here he ’s so annoying. ’ Like you ’re hanging out in a huge group and you have a problem with one of the girls and you text your other friend. That ’s the...
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