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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

But the only reason why i don t text her is because i

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Unformatted text preview: My dad is clueless when it comes to texting — like, he has to stop to text." Teens are far less likely to text with their parents than with their friends. Another high school boy said: l I usually text. I barely use my phone to call. The only person I call is my dad, he ’s the only one who doesn ’t know how to text yet. So I just call him. In addition to the challenge of writing the texts, teens say that their parents are not comfortable with the style of the writing. A middle school boy noted: l I like mostly call my parents because like when I text them, I use abbreviations a lot so they are just like, ‘What does that mean? ’ and stuff like that. I don ’t have time to give them meanings of abbreviations and stuff so that ’s why I usually call them. Others said that the style of writing in texts is an issue with their parents. Their parents react to their more stylized writing and ask them to use more traditional formulations. A high school girl commented: l My American Life old school Pew Internet & mom, she ’s Project too, but she lov...
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