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Cause she doesn t text she just like writes short

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Unformatted text preview: ereabouts. A high school boy described how his mother saw through this ruse: l I would sometimes, I would text my mom, like, she, like, knows. She says to me, ‘Sometimes I know you ’re doing something wrong if you ’re texting me. ’ She says she knows that, usually she ’s right if I tell her I ’m supposed to be somewhere else. If she calls she can hear the background, if she calls she says, ‘Who are you with? Who are you talking to? Where are you? ’ If I ’m texting it doesn ’t give the location as much [because] she can ’t hear the background. Along the same lines, texting can be used as a buffer. Since there is not synchronous interaction and since it is somewhat more difficult to construct a text (often more so for parents than for teens), teens use text messaging when they have to break bad news or make an uncomfortable request of their parents. A high school girl described this when she said: l I usually text my mom whenever I want to ask her something or tell her something bad. That way I don ’t have to...
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