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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

Girls 30 and boys 24 both report going online with

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Unformatted text preview: phones, new features, the internet and the digital divide. Beyond text messaging and voice calling, teens reported using several other features of their cell phones. The chart below provides a high -level snapshot of the percentage of teens who use their handset to go online, email, access social network sites, instant message, take/exchange pictures, take/exchange video, play music/games, and make purchases. The ensuing sub -sections provide more detailed analysis of the usage patterns associated with these technological affordances. Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 92 associated with these technological affordances. A sizable minority of teens use their cell phone to go online. In examining how and how often teens use their cell phones to go online, the survey asked about general internet use, email, and social network sites. While these areas do not comprise an exhaustive list of activities, they reflect some of the key aspects of Pew Internet & American Life Project mobile internet use among teens in the U.S. Teens and...
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