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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

Girls more fully embrace most aspects of cell phone

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Unformatted text preview: st aspects of cell phone -based communication. As we see with other communicative technologies and applications, girls are more likely than boys to use both text messaging and voice calling and are likely to do each more frequently. l Girls typically send and receive 80 texts a day; boys send and receive 30 . l 86% of girls text message friends several times a day; 64% of boys do the same. l 59% of girls call friends on their cell phone every day; 42% of boys call friends daily on their cell phone. Girls are also more likely than boys to text for social reasons, to text privately, and to text about school work. l 59% of girls text several times a day to "just say hello and chat"; 42% of boys do so. l 84% of girls have long text exchanges on personal matters; 67% of boys have similar exchanges. l 76% of girls text about school work, while 64% of boys text about school. For parents, teens ’ attachment to their phones is an area of conflict and regulation. Parents exert some measure of...
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