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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

I do have multiple phones just for like back up or

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Unformatted text preview: phone for like calling." But then she added "I don ’t know, I think that ’s kind of weird thought, to have two phones?" Another motive for the second phone was that the second phone served as a backup phone, usually an older model that was retained so that it could be activated in the event that the newer, primary phone was lost, damaged or stolen. "I do [have multiple phones] just for like back up or something," said one younger high school boy. "If one breaks I just grab another one, put my SIM card in it and use that." Another male teen in the same group explained that he kept a second phone so, "If I get caught with my phone in class I will give the teacher a fake phone." Teens from lower income families were more likely to have more than one cell phone. About one in ten teens (9%) from households earning less than $30,000 annually said they had two phones, while 4% of all teens reported owning two phones. One -quarter of teens do not currently have a cell phone, but many have owned one in the past. Pew Internet & Amer...
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