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I don t use the calling that much texting is used in

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Unformatted text preview: ose texting over talking. Texting allows for asynchronous interaction and it is more discrete than making voice calls. Texting can be a buffer when dealing with parents and can be safer when interacting with potential romantic partners. Finally, it is a simple way to keep up with friends when there is nothing special that needs to be communicated. Since texting is asynchronous, it does not necessarily command the attention of a conversational partner. This means that a teen can send a message and then simply await the answer. The person receiving it can deal with the message as their situation allows. It gives them the possibility to interlace the communication into other parts of their lives. A middle school boy describes this when he says: l I usually text my parents, as well. Like, I guess although I ’m not really supposed to in school I ’ll just start texting them. I ’ll just be like, ‘Hey mom come pick me up, this is happening, ’ Or just, ‘Hey mom I forgot this can you d...
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