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I felt like where did all my friends go like i moved

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Unformatted text preview: -17 year -olds agreed with the statement. Teens in our focus groups repeatedly cited this benefit of cell phones, a high school boy going so far as to say, "If you didn ’t have texting or AIM, I wouldn ’t know how to make plans." Others noted that when planning a get together with many people, texting allows them to communicate plans to the entire group all at once, whereas phoning each person individually or even doing group calls is cumbersome and time -consuming. It is clear that as the number of people to be included increases, this iterative planning becomes more difficult. However, for smaller groups of individuals, planning and coordinating via the cell phone is a boon. In general, focus group participants extolled these social benefits of cell phones, and described them as central to their social planning and activity. Many felt that without cell phones, their social lives would be quite different. A typical comment from one younger high school boy: l I think if you have a cell phone, it adds to you being able to, like, actually hang out with people because you can find out, ‘O...
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