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I used to have less um so now it is fine i can text

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Unformatted text preview: to exchange information privately. Teens with pre -paid plans are less likely to use text messaging to report their whereabouts. The phone plan that a teen has also matters in how they use their phones. Teens with prepaid phone plans are less likely to use their phone to text for certain reasons. While all teens, regardless of plan, are likely to text to say hello, to have long text exchanges or to text about school work, teens with prepaid plans are less likely than teens with family plans to check in with others or to report their locations to someone else. One high school girl from the focus groups describes the types of calculations that teens on more limited plans must make: "Because I have limited texts, like about 500 texts. I used to have less. Um, so now it is fine, I can text whoever I want. But when I had really limited texts like 200 a month or a hundred, it would be kind of like, ‘who I would spend my texts on? ’ Like I wouldn ’t necessarily text someone random. So,...
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