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In addition during the focus groups teens related

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Unformatted text preview: ens and Mobile Phones | 124 teens that do not text. The focus groups provided some insights into how and why teens stay connected to their phones at night. A fairly common practice seems to be sleeping with one ’s phone under the pillow, so that it will wake the teen if someone is trying to contact them. Others say they fall asleep with the phone in their hand, sometimes mid -conversation, or keep the phone in bed with them or right beside them on their nightstand. Those who keep the phone under the pillow or in the bed say it is for practical reasons —they are concerned that the phone will fall off of their nightstands during the night and break, so they feel safer keeping it in bed with them. Most teens in the focus groups said they do not like being called during the night unless it is an emergency, and they leave their phones on with the assumption that if they do get a call, it will be about something important. For this reason, most of the teens we spoke with said they are reluctant to turn their phones off altogether at night and turn it to vibrate instead so they can be contacted if necessary. A sma...
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