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In contrast they described texting with girls as

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Unformatted text preview: oying element to constant connectivity: the likelihood of interruptions. As much as they like their mobile phones, teen owners are more likely than parent owners to agree with the statement: "I get irritated when a call or text on my cell phone interrupts me." Nearly half of 12 -17 year old cell owners (48%) agree with that statement compared with 38% of parents. Teen boys and younger owners of either gender are likely to back this notion: 53% of cell owning boys and 59% of all cell owners ages 12 and 13 agree that cell -initiated interruptions are irritating. Older girls ages 14 -17 are calmer about interruptions. Only 37% of cell -owning older girls say cell calls or text interruptions can be annoying. Overall, teens send and receive more text messages than parents, which may contribute to their greater sense of irritation – the typical teen sends or receives 50 text messages a day, while the average adult 18 and older has sent and received 10 messages in the last 24 hours. Pew Inter...
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