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In total 8 of american families with teens ages 12 17

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Unformatted text preview: urvey on a landline who have both cell phones and a landline in their lives, one -quarter (23%) of parents report that they receive all or almost all of their calls on a cell phone, and another half of parents (54%) say that they receive some of their calls on a cell phone and some of them on a landline phone. In total, 8% of American families with teens ages 12 -17 in the household do not have a landline telephone at all. And 29% of all families with teens received all or almost all of their calls on a cellular phone. Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 24 all of their calls on a cellular phone. Who uses cell phones? Age has consistently been one of the most important factors in predicting cell phone use. Younger teens, particularly 12 year -olds, are less likely than other teens to have a cell phone. As of September 2009, 58% of 12 year -olds have a cell phone, compared with 73% of 13 year -olds. Looking at the oldest teens in our sample, fully 83% of 17 year -olds have a mobile phone. Over the past five years, ownership of cell phones has been percolating do...
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