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It is apparent that when this participant needed to

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Unformatted text preview: communication that is used in a broad spectrum of mundane interactions. It is used when there is no need for immediacy or when one is concerned about how their conversation partner is going to interpret and respond to the communication. When there is a pressing need to contact another person, or when there is the danger that a text will be misunderstood, then calling is preferred. Indeed, teens say that they used texting and voice interaction strategically. In those cases where they feel as though they needed to judge the reaction of their conversation partner, voice has an advantage. When using voice they can adjust or fine -tune the exchange as it develops. A middle school girl explained: l If I ’m looking for a clear response, I can see what they ’re thinking or so I can [hear] their reaction then I ’d probably call them. But. . .. I guess I would text sometimes if I have to tell someone Pew Internet & American Life Project that I ’m not going to be able to make it or something like P...
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