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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

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Unformatted text preview: addition, sexual harassment was mentioned by some, which may help explain why girls reported higher incidences of cell phone harassment overall than boys in the survey. Several teens also reported that cell phones are used to indirectly harass others behind their back, for instance by spreading false rumors. While these are old problems that young people have always had to deal with, the cell phone gives rise to new concerns about harassment. In their written responses during the focus group sessions, teens explained that it is particularly difficult to escape harassment when it happens over the cell phone. One high school girl wrote: "I think it ’s terrible. You can ’t escape the hatred. Even when you go home someone can still pick on you." Although the anytime, anywhere nature of the technology is a major draw for teens to stay in touch with their peers, it also provides new opportunities for bullies and harassers to stay connected to their targets. Another characteristic of the cell phone,...
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