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More striking is the two thirds of teens 64 who tote

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Unformatted text preview: e your phone." A younger high school -age girl describes one teacher ’s classroom policy: "Well, my teacher has a mind of her own, so she takes up the phones in class before class starts and then at the end she ’ll give them back and then that ’s not like the school policy. That ’s just her policy, but if you don ’t turn it in and it goes off, then it gets sent to the principal and your parents have to come pick it up." Another high school -age girl describes a creative teacher, who, "if she caught you texting, she ’d pick up your phone in class and read the message." This is apparently an effective deterrent according to reports of teens in our focus groups. Other teens report that their teachers use their own phones in class: "Well, it says in the book that you ’re not supposed to have it, like if you have it, it ’s supposed to be off and in your book bag or whatever, but like it ’s extremely flexible. Like, some of my teachers even use their phone in class, so you can use it as long as it doesn ’t make noise." A few schools simply ban phones altogether: "We have absolutely no cell phones," said one older high school girl. "If you ’re on school grounds, you can ’t...
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