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More than eight in ten cell owning teens 84 said yes

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Unformatted text preview: is kind of like how much I respect the thing that like spending time with them and stuff." One high school girl, when asked if she sometimes turns her phone off, explained, "It depends. It depends on where I am. In the movies they ask you to turn your phone off and I only do that if it is like a really good movie like Harry Potter or something or like if I ’m at a play that I like really want to see. It ’s just . . . it sounds weird, but it is kind of like how much I respect the thing that I ’m at." The term "disrespectful" came up quite frequently in the focus groups to describe the use of cell phones at what teens perceived as inappropriate times or inappropriate places. A small number of teens in the focus groups acknowledged that they welcome a break from their phones. As one high school girl explained, "I go to camp every year and we ’re not supposed to bring our phones and I don ’t like bringing my phone . . . It ’s nice having a two -week break and you ’re just like focused on camp and all the people there and stuff."...
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