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Much of this phone sharing is with others in the

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Unformatted text preview: e not significantly more likely than those who have never had one to express a desire for a cell phone. Phone sharing among teens: Regardless of cell phone ownership, roughly one -quarter of teens say they share a phone with someone else Sharing phones is a fairly common practice among teens, and roughly one -quarter (23%) of those who do not own their own cell phone share one with someone else. Much of this phone sharing is with others in the household, including siblings and parents. In fact, teens who have a parent with a cell phone are more than twice as likely as those whose parent does not (27% vs. 12%) to report that they share a phone with someone else. A similarly -sized group of teens who own cell phones – one -quarter (23%) – also share their mobile phone with someone else. Teens in our focus groups told us of sharing with younger or older siblings. One high school -age boy explained, "Sometimes if like …one of my parent ’s phones is dead or like if my brother might be going to something like with his friends …because he doesn ’t have a phone yet. So, um, sometim...
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