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One in five 17 year olds 20 pay their entire bill

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Unformatted text preview: households with Pew Internet & American Life Project incomes below $30,000. Teens and Mobile Phones | 38 Twenty -nine percent of teen cell phone users pay for at least some of the costs of their cell phones; that figure rises to 63% among black and Hispanic teens in households with incomes below $30,000. Seventeen seems to be a critical age in terms of cell phone responsibility; at that age the percentage of cell phone users who are responsible for at least part of their cell phone bills jumps to 40%. One in five 17 year -olds (20%) pay their entire bill themselves. For those teens who do not pay entirely for their own cell phone bills, 94% say it is their parents who pick up the bill. Overall, over half of all teen cell phone users are on family plans that someone else (almost always a parent) pays entirely —this figure jumps to two -thirds among teens living in households with incomes of $50,000 or more. Other popular subscription types are those family plans for which the teen pays some of the costs and someone else pays the remainder. Prepaid or pay -as -you -go plans...
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