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One middle school boy said l i call people sometimes

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Unformatted text preview: rd prediction functions such as T9, mean that composing a text message on the cell phone ’s keypad can be a laborious process. Comments from middle school boys indicate that this may be more of an issue for them than for the teen girls: l High School Boy 1: Guys usually call, but we ’re lazy. High School Boy 2: I text like 2%. Sometimes I try it out but after a while I ’m like I don ’t want to do this. So I ’ll call. Interviewer: Because you like calling better? High School Boy 2: Because my phone has the regular numeric numbers. I don ’t have the words or anything. So when I ’m texting I have to press the letter twice or something if I want a certain letter. Even teens who are more accustomed to texting often prefer voice when they are composing longer messages. The teens said that the efficiency of speaking trumps texting when they need to write longer texts or when they need to have many interactions in order to work out an agreement. One middle school boy said: Pew Internet & American Life Project l I call people sometimes Teens and ‘What wh...
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