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Others would read but not send texts while driving

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Unformatted text preview: oject head." Teens and Mobile Phones | 146 school girl recalled, "Last year I would use the calculator and pretend I was writing my work down. Then I would use my calculator in order to get this algebra problem. Teachers will be like, ‘Oh yeah, you passed this class, ’ and I ’m like, ‘Calculator, ’ in my head." NOTES 41 N ote: T his question regarding monitoring a child ’ s location with the phone did not d istinguish between calling a child to determine their location, or using a GPS enabled a pplication to determine the teen ’ s location. Chapter Five: Negative aspects of mobile phones Adverse “side effects ” of teen cell phone use. Of course, with new opportunities come new problems, and the cell phone puts new twists on old ones. This section examines some of adverse ramifications of cell phone use by teens, including distracted driving, so -called "sexting," mobile harassment, and unwanted text messages. The chart below shows that among these concerns, distracted driving and receiving unwanted...
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