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Parents with lower incomes under 30000 annually and

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Unformatted text preview: y brother never has his phone, and I ’m always with my brother, so I let him use my phone." Sharing a cell phone is not related to a teen ’s sex, race, ethnicity or socio -economic status. Phone sharing is reported equally across demographic groups. Parents and cell phones Parent cell phone ownership follows a similar pattern to teens: Parents with lower levels of household income and education are less likely to have a cell phone than parents from wealthier backgrounds. Parents with lower incomes – under $30,000 annually – and lower education levels are less likely to have a cell phone. While 77% of parents earning less than $30,000 in household income had cell phones, 95% of parents who earn more than that have one. Just under three -quarters (73%) of parents without a high school diploma have a cell phone, while more than 92% of parents with greater levels of education have a cell phone. Parents ’ phone ownership also varies by race and ethnicity. White parents are more likely than African -American parents to have cell phone, wi...
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