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Unformatted text preview: 010. Chapter Two: How phones are used with friends What they can do and how teens use them Introduction This chapter addresses the new roles that cell phones play in the communication patterns of teens. The chapter is broken into four parts that analyze: 1) the role of texting in teens ’ lives; 2) the role of cell voice calling in teens ’ lives; 3) the way texting and cell voice calling fit into the larger scheme of teen communication patterns; and 4) the other activities that teens perform on their ever -more -sophisticated handheld devices. Part 1: Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as a vital form of daily communication with friends. Text messaging has become an increasingly important part of teens ’ overall communication strategy. A middle school boy in the focus groups enthused, "The best thing about [the cell phone] is social, texting." Overall, 72% of all teens ages 12 -17 send and receive text messages, and 88% of teens with cell phones text. 29 Since 2006, text messaging has increased significantly from 51% of teens who were text users. More markedly, the frequency of teenagers ...
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