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Part 3 where text and cell talk fit in teens overall

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Unformatted text preview: g, important conversations than those teens who say they primarily text message with their significant other. Unlimited plans of all kinds are tied to more varied purposes for voice use. The economics of a teen ’s cell phone plan also relates to how and why they use the phone to make voice calls. Teens with unlimited voice minutes are more likely to make voice calls several times a day for all purposes — coordination, checking in, schoolwork, catching up and long important calls — than are teens with more limited calling. Teens with unlimited texting plans are also frequent users of voice calling for coordination, checking in with someone, school work or long discussions – everything but calling just to say hi. Teens with plans where they have a set amount of money to use on the phone per month are also more likely to say they call people several times a day to say hello and chat. Part 3: Where text and cell talk fit in teens ’ overall communication patterns with friends. The cell phone ’s centrality to teens ’ social lives can be most ful...
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