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She goes through everything minutes texts and one

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Unformatted text preview: school when I got one. …[T]he school I go to is downtown. My parents wanted to keep track of me." Another middle school girl offers a more frightening scenario: "[My mom ’s] been going crazy on me because one time this guy followed me home. So my mom is like having a panic attack …. I don ’t really get along with girls that good, I don ’t really like gossip and drama, so she usually never let me walk with people. So now she lets me talk to people on the phone, [and] I get to walk with people. It ’s better, I like it, I feel more secure with my phone." Other families purchase phones for their children to help simplify daily logistics: "Freshman year, because of sports and I was after school a lot and it was really hard to reach my parents and if I, like, missed the bus or couldn ’t get a ride from upperclassmen, I was like stuck at school, and that happened once, so I got a cell phone after that." Another high school boy mentions that it is not always teens themselves wh...
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