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Sixty three percent of those teens with unlimited

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Unformatted text preview: ly, some teens prefer talking to texting. In the words of one teen girl, "I mean, I dislike texting. I also don ’t really like speaking on cell phones, but I definitely talk more than text." As with texting, it is the older teen girls who are the most active callers. Looking only at those who had a cell phone, 65% of the older teen girls (14 – 17) said that they used mobile voice. This compares with 47% of boys of the same age, 42% of 12 – 13 year -old girls and only 28% of 12 – 13 year -old boys. Looking for a moment at teens who own a cell phone but do not use the voice function, the youngest teen boys are over represented. The data show that 10% of them report never making a voice call while only 2% of the 14 – 17 year -old girls report the same. There is an economic consideration associated with the use of mobile voice. Sixty -three percent of those teens with unlimited voice subscriptions reported daily use where only 47% of those who had fixed minute subscriptions and 31% of those who had a set Pew Internet & American Life...
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