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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

So if one of my friends don t have a phone they can

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Unformatted text preview: rent from the internet," meaning it is a different and often lesser experience than using a computer to go online. Instant Messaging on the cell phone: Like email and social network sites, instant messaging is also another potential phone based online activity for teens. Among those who own a cell phone, 31% use their handset to send and receive instant messages (29% of boys, 33% of girls). Instant messaging through the cell phone is most popular among 17 year -olds, with 45% doing this at least occasionally. In contrast, younger teens tend to instant message through their cell phones less often, particularly 13 and 14 year -olds (19% and 21%, respectively, report doing so at least occasionally). This age trend is attributable to differences between older and younger girls. That is, only 17% of female cell phone owners ages 12 13 use instant messaging through their handset, as opposed to 38% of girls 14 or older. This disparity is noteworthy, considering there is no difference between boys in these age groups – 29% of boys in each age...
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