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So you feel like it is a more in depth conversation

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Unformatted text preview: g message exchanges by text to discuss important personal matters. One -quarter of teens (25%) report having long personal text exchanges at least once a day. A high school -age girl in our focus groups talks about some of the positives and drawbacks around lengthy, personal exchanges on the phone: l I like that you stay connected easily and stuff and I text a lot, but I feel like texting is kind of impersonal and its not the same as face to face conversation and texting takes a lot longer to say what you want to, so if you are texting someone for a while, you are like, ‘Oh, man, we ’ve been texting for like two hours, ’ when in reality if you were having like a conversation, it would be like a ten minute conversation. So you feel like it is a more in -depth conversation than it really is. It ’s kind of like a false sense of communication I guess. Texting is also a method for managing school work – 70% of teens have used text messaging to do things related to school work, with 23% of teens texting for school at least once a day. Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 57 least once a day. On -the -go micro -coordination 32 is another frequently cited reason for texting: 40% of teens who text say they do this at least once a day and often more, a...
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