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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

Sometimes you want your space but when you have your

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Unformatted text preview: ’ll be like, ‘Let me see your phone so I can see your text messages. ’ She goes through everything: minutes, texts, and, one time I was texting this girl, and things happened with that." Other teens detailed their punishments: " …I got in trouble," said one middle school girl, "and I ruined my records, so my mom took my phone away from me." Other parents work in concert with the schools: "She was like, ‘If you get your phone taken away [at school], I ’ll get it, but I won ’t give it back to you, ’" said one middle school boy. About half of parents (52%) say they have set limits on the times of day when their child can use the phone and a similar number (48%) say that they use the cell phone to monitor their teen ’s location. 41 A middle school boy describes his mother ’s limits on his phone use: "Yeah my mom set it so it will get deactivated at eleven on school nights. So when I ’m going to sleep I ’ll keep getting texts and I ’ll be like, ‘I ’m going to bed, ’ and people will be like, ‘What? ’" Pew...
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