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Unformatted text preview: communication with their friends. More than a quarter of all teens (26%) reported using social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace to socialize or communicate with their friends daily, while another 38% of all teens never use this form of interaction. Social network sites are used for interpersonal interaction, but also to organize larger events, while the cell phone is for more personal interaction. One high school girl in the focus groups said, "I think Facebook is really [more] dominant than the phone for like, big activities. For just hooking up with friends, I ’m on the phone." Another high school girl noted: l My whole team has a thing on Facebook where like if there is a practice cancelled or – I mean you ’ll get texts if there is a practice cancelled, too —but, um it ’s just like everyone ’s on Facebook a lot more so its just easier to send out like a group message. It ’s like, ’We have a car wash this weekend, just to let you guys know, ’ that type of thing, instead of emailing. As with texting, the broad tendency is that older teen girls are more active in this sphere while younger teen boys are more reserved in their use. Among users of so...
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