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Teens from lower income households generally must

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Unformatted text preview: t be like, ‘I ’m going on a trip people, I ’ll be gone for a week! ’ At the end of several of the focus groups, participants were asked to share with the group what they thought were the best and worst things about having a cell phone. Several responded to this question by noting the tension between the benefits of always being connected with those around them and the downside of always being expected to be available. As one boy put it, "The best thing is that it ’s so convenient and you can just talk to people all the time, and like even if you ’re not at home, and like, the worst thing is like, when people keep calling you …it just gets annoying." A high school girl echoed his sentiments when she said, "It just keeps you connected and you can talk to other people, but in return it also sometimes just gets annoying. People calling you …so kind of a give and take." Such feelings, while common, were not universal. There were a very small number of teens in the fo...
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