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Teens who have parents that monitor their location

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Unformatted text preview: -teen pairs represent cases where both parties say there is no monitoring of the teen ’s whereabouts with his or her mobile phone. Cell phone plans and parental regulation of the phone. The type of plan teens have for their phone – unlimited or limited minutes, unlimited or limited texting and whether they ’re on a family, pre -paid or separate plan are closely linked with parental regulation. Parents are more likely to place limits on their child ’s text messaging when their teen has a family or pre -paid cell phone plan; or when their child ’s cell phone plan limits the number of texts they may send per month; or when they must pay per text message. Similarly, teens on cell phone plans that limit the number of minutes they may talk (or the number of texts they may send) are more likely to have parents who say they place restrictions on the number of voice minutes their child may use. Teens with unlimited text messaging plans (75% of all teens with cell phones) are more likely to have p...
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