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Teens whose parents limit their texting are less

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Unformatted text preview: arents who say they take their teen ’s phone away as punishment and that they limit the times of day when their child can use their mobile phone. However, if we look at reported behavior, teens who say they text message their parents most often are more likely to have parents who say they do not regulate their child ’s mobile phone in any way. This may well indicate a rapport between generations that builds on mutual trust. Few parental actions relate to differences in negative cell phone uses by teens. Whenever interventions, whether formal and not, are evaluated, the ultimate question becomes – do they work or not? While this report cannot show causality or prove that certain interventions do or do not work, we can report on the relationship between particular steps that parents take to regulate their child ’s mobile phone and the behaviors of teens themselves. Generally speaking, there is relatively little correlation Pew Internet & American Life Project between parental interventions of teens. Teens and Mobile Phones | 137 on cell pho...
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