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Text messaging was especially discussed as a way of

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Unformatted text preview: ds on a daily basis and to use text messaging as a means for social support. Heavy cell phone users have larger support networks. To gain further insight into how these characteristics of one ’s support system map onto cell phone use, correlations were run with daily levels of voice calling and text messaging. There is a positive relationship between voice calling and the size of one ’s close personal network, and voice calling is also positively related to using the cell phone as a resource for reaching out to these individuals for social support. Heavy texters also tend to have significantly more close personal ties. However, unlike voice calling, text messaging is not significantly related to tapping into those relationships for social support through the cell phone. These findings offer evidence of how the cell phone helps to maintain larger networks of close personal ties, and, in the case of voice calling, it serves as a resource for social support when teens need to discuss personal matters. Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 91 Re...
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