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The data show that 35 of younger teen boys aged 12 13

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Unformatted text preview: they never text a parent and 24% never text siblings or other family members. Interestingly, the analysis also shows that 27% of cell phone -owning teens with a boyfriend or girlfriend never send or receive texts from them. In keeping with their greater overall levels of interpersonal communication, girls and high school -age teens (ages 14 -17) are much more likely than boys or younger teens to interact frequently via text messaging with friends and siblings. Fully 86% of girls – and 79% of teens 14 -17 - say they text friends several times a day, compared with 64% of boys and younger teens who text friends with that frequency. The data show that 35% of younger teen boys (aged 12 – 13) said that they texted friends on a daily basis. This compares with 44% of teen girls of the same age, 53% of the older teen boys (aged 14 – 17) and 69% of the older teen girls who said that they texted to their friends on a daily basis. The mirror image of the same pattern is seen among teens who say that they never text with friends. The data show that 40% of the youngest teen boys, 36% of the youngest girls, 2...
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