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The gender differences can also explain some of the

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Unformatted text preview: n a moment ’s notice. So that can be bad or good." It seems at least some teens are concerned that mobile connectivity might result in people being less committed to plans once set. Still, the focus group teens fairly consistently expressed the opinion that their phones facilitate active social lives, and that rather than taking the place of other forms of interaction, cell phones enable them. As one high school girl explained, "I think texting replaces conversations you have on the phone, but I don ’t think it replaces, like, interaction …You call them to make plans, you don ’t call them INSTEAD of making plans." [emphasis added] The prospect of constant interruptions – an annoyance to boys Pew Internet & American Life Project and younger teens. Teens and Mobile Phones | 115 The prospect of constant interruptions – an annoyance to boys and younger teens. While many cell owners appreciate that they can initiate contact with others whenever the urge strikes them, a portion of cell owners see an ann...
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