Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

The teens in the focus groups described having

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Unformatted text preview: people? Girl 1: Ya. Like, um, um, you call one person and then you press talk or flash or whichever option you have on your phone and then it switches you to the other line and then you dial the number and three -way. Interviewer 2: But then all three of you can talk together? Girl 1: Yeah. Interviewer 2: Can you do four, five, six? Girl 1: Um Hmm. Girl 2: If the person, that like, how you said she calls someone and then someone else calls someone...and you keep doing it...but it becomes really crowded after a while. Girl 3: It ’s hard to like hear yourself over everybody else talking. Interviewer 1: How many of you have done that? Girl 4: I do four -way all the time. Interviewer 2: And you just, on your phone? On your mobile phone? All: [agreement] Interviewer 1: And how many is it usually like? Like three, or is it eight. . . Pew Internet & American Life Project [Multiple Voices]: Two...three...we got five...like three... I do six. Teens and Mobile Phones | 83 Multi -person conversations are not confined to voice calling. The teens in the focus Interviewer 2: And you just, on your phone? On your mobile phone? All:...
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