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The term m e d i a n refers to a median finding 34 n

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Unformatted text preview: owners, but still quite popular considering 46% report doing so at least sometimes. Age trends for playing games replicate earlier findings about video games at large, 39 and are fairly similar to those for playing music, with younger teen cell phone owners (61% of 12 -13 year -olds) being more likely to do this than older teens (42% of 14 -17 year -olds). Equal portions of boys and girls play games on a handset. Relatively few teen cell phone owners (11% total) report using their cell phone to make purchases, such as books, music, or clothing. In fact, 73% report that their cell phone does not support this functionality. In contrast, nearly half (48%) say they use the internet to make purchases. 40 Responses from the focus groups indicate that when purchases are made through the cell phone, they tend to be for downloading ringtones, games, and music. NOTES 29 T his 72% of teens who text figure is slightly different than previous “ teens who text ” numbers that we have released. The difference lies in the question wording....
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