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There are several reasons that teens would choose

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Unformatted text preview: f girls say the same. Teens with parents who have less than a high school education or who are Hispanic are also less likely to say they text with parents than those with more education or white teens. Texting or talking with siblings or significant others shows little variation by sex, age, race or socio -economic status. The one exception is that teens in lower income households are slightly less likely than teens from wealthier families to say they primarily text their significant other. Why texting is preferred over talking: There are several reasons that teens would choose texting over talking. Texting allows for asynchronous interaction and it is more discrete than making voice calls. Texting Pew Internet & Americanwhen dealing can be a buffer Life Project Teens with with parents and can be safer when interacting and Mobile Phones | 76 potential romantic partners. Finally, it is a simple way to keep up with friends when there is nothing special that needs to be communicated. There are several reasons that teens would cho...
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