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There is a notable trend by age with 12 year olds

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Unformatted text preview: of conversation. My boyfriend or someone I really liked asked for them, and I felt like if I didn ’t do it, they wouldn ’t continue to talk to me. At the time, it was no big deal. But now, looking back, it was definitely inappropriate and over the line. Although this is not a pervasive teen practice, sexting can create serious problems for those involved in it. The desire for risk -taking and sexual exploration during the teenage years, combined with a constant connection via mobile devices, creates a "perfect storm" for sexting. Teenagers have always grappled with issues around sex and relationships, but their coming -of -age mistakes and transgressions have never been so easily transmitted and archived for others to see. The cell phone has become a new venue for harassment and bullying of teens. Over a quarter (26%) of teen cell phone users reported having been harassed by someone else through their cell phone. Girls are significantly more likely to experience this (30%) than bo...
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