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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

There is however a correlation between calling and

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Unformatted text preview: who participated in the focus groups said: l I mean, texting is really handy if you have to ask somebody a question, but you know that if you call them it is going to be at least an hour long conversation. And, I mean, usually, I feel like that is usually the case if I have to ask, ‘What time is this thing that we have to do this weekend? ’ You know, those types of questions, where you just have to ask one quick question and that is all you really need from the person. You don ’t have the time or you are not really in the mood to have a huge conversation. While these data show that there are more instances of texting than phone calling, this should not be confused with the assertion that teens "do more" in texts than in phone calls. The information exchanged in one call can be the same as that contained in several texts and phone calls are richer social experiences because they convey more emotional information than texts. There is, however, a correlation between calling and texting activity. In general, those teens who call a lot also text a lot. The o...
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