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This is noteworthy considering turning the phone off

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Unformatted text preview: contact with peers and coordinating social life among teens. While most young people in this study (and overall) embrace the utility of text messaging for anytime, anywhere private exchanges, many experience feelings of regret about their use of this channel. Almost half (47%) of teen cell phone owners reported regret over a text message they have sent. There is a notable trend by age, with 12 year -olds reporting a much lower occurrence of feelings of regret (28%) than the rest. Regret over a text message was particularly high among girls 14 -17, with 54% of them reporting this, compared with 39% of 12 -13 year -old girls and 42% of boys ages 14 -17. Another trend from the survey shows that teens with unlimited text plans were significantly more likely (52%) to express regret than those with limited (21%) and pay per text (19%) plans. And not surprisingly, the more text messages a person sends on an average day, the more likely they are to say they have regretted a message they have sent. Responses in the focus groups illustrate characteristics of text messaging that can lead to situations of regret. One of the themes from the sessions poi...
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