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We went to my brother s graduation and i had it

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Unformatted text preview: y think will enjoy them as well. For example, one high school girl shared the following anecdote: "I take pictures of strangers if they ’re funny. Like I saw a cowboy at Subway, and I took a picture." A middle school boy explained, "I basically just take pictures of anything, anything that interests me, and I send it to my friends if they ’ll think it ’s interesting. I take a lot of pictures." Sometimes pictures are taken and exchanged to document something special or to "show off" to their friends. One boy in middle school remarked, "When I go fishing I take pictures of the fish if they ’re giant." Another noted, "After I have my birthday or something I have a lot of money. I like taking pictures of it [the money] and showing it to my friends." Videos are also popular, although they are taken and exchanged less often than pictures through the cell phone. This is likely due to technological limitations. As one middle school boy expl...
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