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When looking at cell phone trends for playing music

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Unformatted text preview: my mother wasn ’t able to go. So I took it and sent it to her. (Girl, high school) l I recorded a video. My brother used to have really long hair, like longer than me, so I recorded him cutting his hair and put it on YouTube. (Girl, high school) l I take videos of my sister. (Boy, middle school) Older teens are more likely to snap and share photos with their cell phones, while younger teens are more likely to exchange videos with their cell phones. Teen cell phone owners in the 14 -17 age group are slightly more likely to take photos than those ages 12 -13 (85% vs. 77%). This older category of teens is also somewhat more likely to send/receive photos than the younger group of teens (67% vs. 56%). However, there is an interesting counter -trend, with more 12 -13 year -olds sending/receiving video than those 14 and older (41% vs. 27%). The chart linked to below illustrates age trends for the use of cell phone photos and videos. Infographic Use of cell phone for pictures and video popular across age groups The percentage of teen cell ph...
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