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When there is a pressing need to contact another

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Unformatted text preview: want to come over One middle school boy described it this way: l I only call if it ’s really important because texting, the thing about texting is you can ’t tell the emotion of the person really, as much as you can in their voice, so if it ’s something really important I ’ll call, but if I ’m saying, ‘Hey you want to come over later, ’ I ’ll just text. A middle school girl says much the same thing: l I like to talk because I like to hear, because sometimes on AIM or texting I get mixed up from people ’s emotions. They ’ll be like, ‘Oh stop talking to me, ’ and you don ’t know if they ’re joking or not joking. It ’s kind of annoying. Other teens prefer the verbal cues that come with voice calling. One high school girl explained: l See, I would rather, if I ’m like [annoyed] or something I would rather call my friends than text them about it. Because I ’d rather hear them talking to me and being like, "It ’s okay, everything is going to be fine," than …like read that on a screen, it is less personal. These comments suggest that texting is a form of...
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