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Teens-and-Mobile-Phones (1)

Which is how i think it gives you more freedom as

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Unformatted text preview: for both teens and their parents. Always connected – a liberating advantage when it comes to parental contact. Some 92% of 12 -17 year -olds who own cell phones and 90% of teens ’ parents backed the assertion that they like cell phones because they can "keep in touch no matter where I am." Again, this benefit was particularly appealing to girls (97%) and mothers (92%) compared with boys and fathers. Other Pew Internet research has shown that females are more likely than males to use – and appreciate – a host of communications tools and the cell phone is no exception. The survey asked a further question of the younger respondents and found that teen girls who owned cell phones were more likely than boys to agree with the statement: "My cell phone gives me more freedom because I can stay in touch with my parents no matter where I am." Fully 94% of all teen cell owners agreed with this and the gender breakdown was notable – 97% of girls backed the statement vs. 92% of the boys...
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