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While filling out the focus group questionnaire

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Unformatted text preview: y question. A high school girl commented, "I have heard of people taking pictures of the textbook — a section where they didn ’t know anything – and then they ’ll zoom in and take a photo. It ’s kind of like a sheet of notes, but it is on your phone. It ’s not like you have to pull out a piece of paper and unfold it and make a lot of noise. It is easier." A high school boy stated, "I ’ve seen a lot of kids with their iPhones … They ’ll Google something like an essay question or something like that. " In addition, several teens mentioned that their phone is their calculator, which can also be a method for cheating when calculators are not allowed during math exams. A high school girl recalled, "Last year I would use the calculator and pretend I was writing my work down. Then I would use my calculator in order to get this algebra problem. Teachers will be like, ‘Oh yeah, you passed this class, ’ and I ’m like, ‘Calculator, ’ in my Pew Internet & American Life Pr...
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