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While other material in the survey shows that texting

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Unformatted text preview: than with mobile telephony but more than in the case of face -to -face interaction and email. Looking at the opposite end of the scale, not all teens use all channels, and the type of channel used shifts when comparing the older and the younger teens. In broad strokes, communication platforms fall into two categories: those that are used by teens of all ages and those that have been adopted by older teens but not younger ones. Landline telephony and face -to -face interaction represents the first group: roughly equal numbers of teens in all age groups report using landlines and interacting with friends face -to -face outside of school, though older teens tend do so a bit more frequently than younger teens. By contrast, many of the younger teens report that they do not use texting to communicate with their friends. While 44% of 12 year -olds say that they do not use texting, only 11% of 17 year -olds report the same. While other material in the survey shows that texting has become a central f...
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