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Youth ages 12 17 who own cell phones are even more

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Unformatted text preview: ll have my phone, you can call me if you need to, ’ and then it makes parents feel more secure. Which is how I think it gives you more freedom." As another high school girl described the benefit of having a cell phone, "It makes you feel older and independent, I think. I think that is what it comes down to." Yet, despite the clear upside of connectivity with parents, some teens in the focus groups acknowledged that constant connectivity with parents can be a double -edged proposition. Several teens said that carrying a cell phone meant they "had no excuses" for not telling their parents where they were, and that it provided their parents an easy way to monitor and check up on their teens. As one high school boy put it, his mother uses the cell phone to "just to see where we at, to be in our business." Asked the worst thing about cell phones, one high school girl said emphatically, "That my parents can contact me at any hour of the day!" In fact, some teens say their parents are reluctant to take away their phones as punishment be...
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