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As you can in their voice so if it s something really

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Unformatted text preview: r parents but with friends you just text pretty much. l Boy 2: My mom usually calls me if it ’s, like, something serious, she calls me. If she ’s like, mad, or serious about something, or, like, she needs to talk to me, she usually just calls me because it ’s faster. Another advantage of calling is that it provides more social cues. Texting provides a limited register with which teens can express their emotions (i.e. emoticons, the use of punctuation, capital letters, coarse language, etc.). In addition, text messages are not spontaneous. Rather, their construction can be calibrated and edited. By contrast, hearing another person ’s voice provides a more direct gauge of their emotional state. One middle school boy described it this way: l I only call if it ’s really important because texting, the thing about texting is you can ’t Pew Internet & American Life Project Teens and Mobile Phones | 81 tell the emotion of the person really, as much as you can in their voice, so if it ’s something really important I ’ll call, but if I ’m saying, ‘Hey you...
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