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Unformatted text preview: For this q uestion, we asked about teens texting friends, but we did not specify the platform ( computer, cell phone) on which the texting was taking place. Our other teen texting n umber (66%) reflects teens who text on their own cell phone, and does not constrain with w hom the teen may be texting. Please see K9c and K20a in our questionnaire for exact q uestion wording. 30 D ata from September 2009 Pew Internet Survey of adults. 31 S ee: Ling, Rich, & Baron, Naomi. (2007). The Mechanics of Text Messaging and Instant M essaging Among American College Students. J ournal of language and social psychology , 2 6 ( 3 ) , 2 9 1 -2 9 8 . 32 M icro -coordination is the nuanced management of social interaction. Nuances include m i d -course adjustment, iterative coordination and softening of schedules. 33 W hen we use the term “ a v e r a g e ” in this report, it refers to the mean response to a q uestion. The term “ m e d i a n ” refers to a median finding. 34 N ote: we do not know the duration of these phone calls. 35 L enhart, A., Madden M. Smith, A. Rankin Macgill, A. (2007) Teens and Social Media, Pew R esearch Center ’ s Internet & American Life Project, Washington, DC . December 19, 2007. h ttp://ww...
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